We're building a new platform and track at Stevenage Station so trains using the Hertford Loop can turn around.

Stevenage Station platform with turnback works taking place

This work will enable more services to run in the future.  In addition, we’re improving facilities for passengers.

The project will deliver a new platform with a passenger lift and stairs to the extended station footbridge. Facilities on the platform will include two waiting rooms, three sets of external seating, a help point, a ticket vending machine and ticket gateline with canopy.

We’re already on site to build the new turnback at Stevenage which will allow full train services to resume.

From a wider infrastructure perspective, the work to enable trains to access the platform includes the construction of almost 2km of new railway line from Broadhall Way Bridge to Stevenage station and a set of track points.

There will also be earthworks to the existing embankment and track drainage on the left-hand side of the track travelling north into Stevenage, as well as alterations to existing signalling infrastructure.

Additionally, new overhead line equipment will be installed and two existing overbridge structures (Broadhall Bridge and Six Hills Bridge) will be modified.

Completion of the infrastructure is currently expected in 2020 and Great Northern expects to resume weekday train services in the summer 2020 timetable.

For passenger information visit the Great Northern Rail website.

For further information on the project, call Network Rail’s National Helpline on 03457 11 41 41 or visit our Contact us page.