Kings Mill Lane level crossing – improvement programme

We're planning to divert the existing bridleway at Kings Mill Lane level crossing to provide residents and other users with a safer passage over the railway.

This is part of our national level crossing risk reduction programme. The diverted route would cross the railway by means of a new, ramped bridleway adjacent to the existing crossing (near Kings Mill Lane, Ashfield, Notts, NG18 5EZ). Once that bridge is in place, the present right of way and level crossing would be stopped up and discontinued. 


Improving level crossing safety

Our landmark level crossing risk reduction programme started in 2010. Its objective is to close and upgrade crossings across the network, which will improve safety for everyone and reduce the risk that level crossings present to the national rail network.

Level crossings were part of a network developed in the 19th century, when there were slower trains, few cars and the pace of life was much slower. If you were to build a railway today it would not have any level crossings, other than in exceptional circumstances (for example, HS1 does not have any level crossings).

The most effective way of reducing risk is to close a crossing and agree alternative routes or signage with local communities.  Since the start of the level crossing risk reduction programme we have closed more than 1,000 crossings and many more have been improved or are being upgraded.

Level crossing safety

Level crossing safety for horse riders

High risk crossing

Following a risk assessment that looked at important factors, such as Kings Mill Lane crossing’s location, it was identified as a high risk site, with an increased risk to users than at other crossings on the network. 

  • A fatality occurred at the crossing in 2012.
  • There have been a high number of trespass and vandalism incidents at this location.
  • The risk assessment found that the crossing receives a high level of traffic (rail and pedestrian), and has a history of misuse, near misses and accidents.

Our plans

We propose to divert the existing bridleway across the railway over a new, ramped bridge near to Kings Mill Lane and to stop up the level crossing. This would provide local residents with safer passage over the railway.

The proposed alignment of the bridge would require a change to the route that people currently take and the removal of the existing public right of way where the level crossing is currently. That public right of way would be diverted over the new bridge.

The proposed new bridge alignment and pedestrian/equestrian route would be of an equivalent distance to the existing route and would not materially add to the time it takes to cross the railway.

Planning permission

To enable the scheme to be implemented, we plan to submit an application under the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 for planning permission to construct the bridge.

Transport and Works Act

We will also require powers under the Highways Act 1980 or Transport and Works Act 1992  to divert the existing public right of way and close the level crossing. An order under the Transport and Works Act would also enable us to secure land and rights for the purposes of constructing the new bridge.

Proposed new bridge

The proposed bridleway bridge would meet accessibility requirements, incorporating ramps that are six metres in length and set to a 1:15 gradient with two-metre landings between ramp sections.

Drop in session:

Wednesday 8 August at the Mill Adventure Base, Kings Mill Reservoir, Sutton-in-Ashfield, Nottinghamshire, NG17
09:30 - 15:30

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