East Coast Main Line route upgrade

We're investing in the East Coast Main Line (ECML) to allow more and faster services to run.

A programme of infrastructure improvements on key routes on the East Coast Main Line has already delivered notable benefits and improvements for both passengers and freight.

Further works are still ongoing;  you can read more about how our Railway Upgrade Plan will continue to ensure a better railway for everyone along the length of this key line. Click the links below to see projects underway, plus the latest proposals.

east coast mainline power supply upgrade

Kings Uncrossed

Transforming travel to and from King’s Cross.

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ECML power supply upgrade

Enhancing the power supply on the ECML to enable faster, quieter and cleaner trains for passengers.

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Werrington Grade Separation

A proposed new connection between the Stamford lines and the Great Northern Great Eastern rail lines, both to the east and west of the ECML.

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