The need for a new station

The Department for Transport (DfT) published a Strategic Outline Business Case in November 2017 for a new railway station in the south of Cambridge, serving the internationally significant Cambridge Biomedical Campus and Southern Fringe development areas of Cambridge.

Cambridge is one of the UK’s most successful and fastest growing cities. By 2020, the Cambridge Biomedical Campus is expected to house the largest concentration of biomedical expertise in Europe including an international conference centre and high capacity hotel. Over the next four years, 3750 new jobs are expected to be created. It is envisaged that by 2031 new housing developments across the Southern Fringe comprising an estimated 4000 new homes shall be constructed. This future growth in Cambridge is expected to place significant pressures on the railway system which is already running at full capacity.

What we are doing

The aim of the Cambridge South Infrastructure Enhancement Project is to develop plans for a new station in the vicinity of the growing biomedical campus along with associated infrastructure to sustainably improve connectivity in the Cambridgeshire region.


The location of the potential enhancements is shown in the image below.


The DfT has provided £10m to Network Rail to develop detailed proposals for Cambridge South station and associated infrastructure. This includes £5m from local and private sector funding partners in Cambridgeshire consisting of Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority, the Greater Cambridge Partnership and AstraZeneca Ltd.

Early Design

The plans for the station are at an early stage of design. Network Rail, supported by its appointed design consultants, are developing several initial feasibility options to understand what could be constructed to meet the needs of the area while underpinning a strong business case that offers value for money.

Once these early plans are progressed sufficiently, Network Rail will provide an opportunity for public consultation planned for winter 2019/20. The public consultation will help to inform the design options before a preferred option is selected.

The preferred option will be presented to the Department for Transport and our funding partners by spring 2021 to inform the business case before a decision is taken whether to progress with the project or otherwise.  

Contact Us

If you have any enquiries or questions about the proposals for Cambridge South Station, please contact the 24/7 helpline team on 0345 711 4141 or visit our Contact Us webpage.