Benefits for Britain

Targeting digital systems to improve capacity and performance on the railway

A digital railway benefits passengers, freight, UK businesses and the economy.

More trains

Targeted upgrades will release capacity and allow more trains to run on the existing rail network 

Better connections

New transport connections that connect skills to jobs, and goods to market

Improved performance

Harnessing digital technology to build timetables and control the network in ways that boost reliability

By targeting digital system upgrades in the places where we can increase capacity and improve performance, a digital railway will deliver:

  • More trains, reduced crowding, better connections and improved performance and safety for passengers. It also enables the industry to provide real time information about journeys.
  • Increased freight capacity for moving around goods, greater availability of paths, optimised running (energy efficiencies), a stable environment for growth, timetable flexibility and greater customer satisfaction.
  • Jobs, housing and economic growth. Greater workforce mobility through improved connectivity that links more people with higher paid jobs. Creation of new high skilled engineering jobs.
  • Regional and national growth and jobs through increased opportunities to export expertise internationally, building our world leading rail industry.

Digital Railway is an industry transformation programme that will make this happen.

To find out more about Digital Railway and to follow what we, and our industry partners are delivering, please visit the Digital Railway website.