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Electronic national rail timetable

The electronic National Rail Timetable (eNRT) is a long-term timetable for passengers and planners that covers services on the national rail network. It is published in December (Principal) and May (Subsidiary) each year.

For the December 2021 NRT we made some changes to the look and feel of the files as well as realigning the table naming and numbering as part of ongoing improvements with our supplier. These changes have remained the same for the May 2023 edition.

As part of these changes please note the following;

  • A ‘Table Number Comparison’ file is available within the ‘Supporting index documents’ on this page. This will provide the new table numbers for May 22 compared to May 21.
  • A ‘NRT Mileage File’ is available within the ‘Supporting Index documents’ on this page which lists all the available mileages for the new tables. The May 21 NRT files are also still available on the website for reference.
  • The team are still receiving feedback from users so please provide any comments or issues to the following mailbox

All timetables are split into routes. Check which route your station is on using the stations index below.

Download timetable

Route timetables

Please note: you can preview or download documents within the folders by clicking in the options column of the required document.

Table maps

Our online map is in the process of being updated to match the new table routes and numbers and we aim to have this available to users for the May 23 NRT. The table information within the map is reflective of the May 21 tables and can be used in conjunction with the ‘Table Number Comparison’ file.

Other supporting documents

To feedback or comment on timetables please email

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