Leeds railway station is growing. A new Platform Zero is being created that will mean more trains, more seats and fewer delays. 

Over 31 million people use Leeds station every year, making it the North’s busiest railway station. The new platform will help reduce train congestion and meet the city’s growing demand for rail travel now and in the future.

Platform Zero will be built adjacent to Platform 1. Work to build the new platform is complex, meaning we'll need to make changes to track, signalling, and overhead powerlines. It is expected to be complete by early 2021.

Due to the nature of the work there is likely to be a degree of noise and disruption to those living nearest the station, which we are committed to keep to a minimum. We are also required to carry out much of the work overnight as work of this type must not be carried out whilst trains are running during the day. As the project progresses, we will keep in regular contact with our railway neighbours.

What work are we doing?

From December 25-29 the railway was closed with a total workforce of 450 people working around the clock to make upgrades and improvements to the tracks, platforms, signalling and overhead line structures.  It involved signalling testing, the installation of new track and crossover switches to improve the layout, and fitting overhead wires into new gantries, along with removal of old gantries.

In January and February the focus will be on dismantling the waiting shelter and heritage canopy on platform 1. We will also be re-aligning and shortening parts of platforms 2 and 3.

Keeping our neighbours informed about when work is likely to disrupt them is really important to us. We will let you know in advance about any disruptive work that is planned.

Our most recent community newsletter is available to read here.

There will be some planned changes to walking routes in the area near platform 1 while the new platform is built and some alterations to train times, which will all be communicated clearly and in advance.

Please check this page for regular updates of the work taking place at Leeds station.

Improvements to the main station concourse

In November 2018 we began a major project to modernise the main southern concourse, with a new roof and stunning, glazed façade entrance the key elements of this exciting project.

This work is now completed and has transformed Leeds railway station into a world-class transport hub at the heart of the city, with more floor space created in the main concourse area.

The new, transparent roof has replaced the dark and dated wooden roof and now allows much more natural light to enter the main concourse, creating a more pleasant, inviting environment.

The new glass façade, now befitting of the city, enhances the first impressions of the station for the tens of thousands of people that use it every day.

To see how the new entrance was built watch this video.

There is a re-aligned ticket barrier with more barriers installed at the main entrance which has significantly improved passenger flow.

We have installed new, free-to-use toilets in the main entrance and there is ongoing refurbishment of the toilet facilities on the platforms.

We also have longer-term plans to install new flooring on the main southern concourse.

Contact us

If you’re interested in finding out more about Leeds station improvements please contact us by visiting our contact us page or by calling our 24-hour national helpline on 03457 11 41 41.