We’re investing more than £90m on the critical lines through Hither Green to give passengers better, more reliable journeys, with fewer delays. 

The work is part of our record £1.25bn investment in the railway in South East London and Kent.  

Hither Green resignalling

From Friday 10 April to Monday 13 April we will switch on a new signalling system from Hither Green to Grove Park, Mottingham and Bromley North to improve reliability and reduce delays to passengers.

What are we doing?  

We’re completely replacing the old, 1970s signalling system on the Grove Park, Sidcup and Bromley North lines with a new, more reliable £81m system.  Additional improvements include:

  • Track circuits, which detect trains, have been replaced with 254 more reliable axle counters
  • 58 new signals and 9 new, easier maintained signal gantries built
  • Power supply upgraded and made more resilient
  • Signalling improvements to provide turnback opportunities at Hither Green, Grove Park and Lee, allowing trains to turnback when there are delays or during engineering works.
  • Signal improvements at Grove Park to allow 12-car trains to stop at platform 3.
  • Signalling control of the area will be transferred to the to the state-of-the-art Three Bridges route control centre, helping to recover the service more quickly when there is an incident.
  • Over Easter and follow-up weekends, deep cleaning and maintenance of closed stations on the affected lines will take place to give passengers additional benefits.

Keeping people on the move

The work means that over the Easter weekend bus replacements will run between Lewisham and Orpington, and Lewisham and Sidcup. On Sunday 12 April bus replacements will also run between Lewisham and Dartford. Tickets will be accepted on reasonable alternative routes, TfL buses and London Underground services. Please check your journeys  at nationalrail.co.uk before travelling.

Hither Green junction renewal and track improvements

Over Autumn 2019, we replaced the existing switches and crossings (the moveable section of rail that allows trains to switch track) at the London end of the platforms outside Hither Green station.

The upgrades will provide significant benefits for passengers, who can expect fewer delays caused by faults at the junction.

We also replaced track between Grove Park and Chislehurst and between Sidcup and Mottingham to give passengers more reliable journeys and a smoother ride.

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