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We believe that transparency in both how we work as a company and how we work with our stakeholders is integral to our success – that’s why it’s a main theme in our strategic business plan for the next five years.

We know that being more transparent will help us become a more efficient and responsive organisation, and make us more accountable to our stakeholders.

We’ve made a start, but we recognise that there is more to be done, and we are committed to making transparency part of everything we do.

Proactive publication

As part of our transparency commitment we publish new information each year. The type of information we’ve previously published include details about our level crossings, executive directors’ expenses and a breakdown of our annual expenditure

Open data

Opening up the real-time data feeds from a number of our operational systems has enabled developers to create apps which give the public a greater choice about the way they travel


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Open culture

Our open culture work supports our people to make transparency an integral part of how we do business


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