Environmental Sustainability Strategy

Our 30 year strategy for delivering a sustainable railway

Our vision is to serve the nation with the cleanest, greenest mass transport. We want to put passengers first, help passengers and freight users to make green choices, support local communities and be a good neighbour.

To deliver our vision we have four core priorities:

low emissions icon showing two wind turbines

A low-emission railway

Climate change icon showing the sun, clouds, rain, lightning and snow.

A reliable railway
service that is resilient
to climate change

Biodiversity icon, showing trees, butterflies and a bird.

Helping plants and wildlife flourish

Minimal waste icon showing a green recycling bin that is full.

Recycling and reusing everything

Our commitment to wider sustainable development goals, including social value, are also very important to us. There are social benefits to everything we do, and we are committed to supporting our local communities. Detailed social value plans will be addressed separately. Some wider environmental topics such as noise, vibration and water pollution are not the focus of this strategy but do form part of our wider environmental sustainability plans.

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