Signalling heritage

We are working with railway heritage organisations to document the history, operation and way of life associated with signal boxes.

Of all the buildings developed specifically for the railways, the signal box holds a special place as one of the most instantly recognisable. Located at the trackside, they are unmistakable in the landscape. 

Image gallery

  1. Blea Moor signal box, 2008
  2. Inside Severn Bridge signal box, 1962
  3. Bournemouth West signal box, 2007
  4. Inside Ramsgate signal box, 2011
  5. Stow Park signal box, 2011

The next chapter in the history of signalling

The consolidation of more than 800 signal boxes into state of the art rail operating centres begins the next chapter in the history of signalling on Britain’s railway. The introduction of a new rail traffic management technology in these centres will improve both capacity and performance on the railway network.

The digital railway

Signal boxes for future generations

Before this programme began we worked with English Heritage, Historic Scotland, and Cadw to inventory, research and make sure that the most significant signal boxes on the network were listed and save for the nation.  

Film Archive of Railway Signalling and People (FARSAP)

Alongside this, Network Rail has been working with other railway heritage organisations to enable a record of signalling operations and the unique way of life associated with signal boxes to be made.  You can find out more about the FARSAP project and access film of signal boxes in action here.

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