Home Safe Plan

Our structured approach to managing key safety risks

Without a structured approach to safety, risks can go unmanaged or increase. Our Home Safe Plan provides this structure. The plan comprises a series of ongoing projects which target reduction of risk in key safety areas. These range from workforce safety issues such as manual handling and trackside working, to significant programmes set out to tackle emerging risk issues such as fatigue management.

Quality vs quantity

Whilst not every single risk can be anticipated and planned for, the Home Safe Plan provides a framework for the delivery of safety benefits in high-risk areas, ensuring an approach which is focussed as well as comprehensive.

We use it to practically track progress against the targets we set ourselves to make the railway safer. Once the risk within a project has been managed out, or made sustainable within working practice, it’s incorporated into ‘business as usual’.

With input from various stakeholders, from regulators to trade unions, it’s then onto the next: considering what the next key project will be, and what opportunities it provides to reduce risks and deliver a safer railway for all.

The Home Safe Plan is our benchmark for a safer railway; giving us structured control over our greatest risks, and a collaborative purpose and direction in removing them.