Accident and incident investigations

We’re committed to improving health and safety and preventing accidents

It’s imperative that we prevent repeat accidents by learning from those that do happen, and managing the outcomes and recommendations of our investigations effectively.

Although we have robust policies and processes in place to manage our risks, sometimes accidents and incidents do occur. If an accident happens, we follow a structured and thorough investigation process. We look at the evidence, identify the immediate and underlying causes and put plans in place or make recommendations to prevent it happening again.

As part of our investigation process we look at reports from similar events and where actions and recommendations could have been better and prevented further accidents.

When an accident takes place, we find out how and why it happened. We make sure that we find all the immediate causes and any deeper contributing factors. We believe it’s essential that we identify all the reasons for an accident and we take all the necessary steps to put them right as a matter of urgency.

Our investigations are carried out in line with our fair culture policy, which encourages employees to take part. Where relevant and appropriate we apply what we’ve learned from an investigation throughout the business.

We’re continually improving our health and safety procedures to make sure that accidents, incidents, near misses and any other dangerous occurrences are reported, investigated and analysed so that we can prevent them from happening again.