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Railway Performance

From Monday 1 April 2019, the UK Rail industry introduced a new, more detailed and precise set of measures to better understand how timely our trains are – from station to station, and from minute to minute.

The additional measures, that add to the old performance metrics, reflect that good performance needs to be delivered throughout the whole journey and that every minute matters for passengers.The official measure of punctuality used up till now, known as the public performance measure (PPM), considers trains to be punctual if they are five or 10 minutes after schedule, for short and long-distance trains are respectively, at their destination. The new measures will report cancellations and the proportion of trains arriving to the minute at every station on the timetable, known as a ‘station stop’, where technology allows (currently, we can measure this at 80% of all stops and we are working to increase this).

The figures below illustrate these new measures using data from the most recent period – quantifying how punctually trains are reaching stations, from ‘early’ through to ‘30 minutes after’ the timetable.

More detailed data, including historic punctuality figures, can be found on the Office of Rail and Road (ORR) website.

Term Definitions

Last 4 weeks: 07 January 2024 – 03 February 2024   

Number of recorded stations stops – 6,031,669

Passenger Trains Planned –  546,625

New industry measure – train punctuality at station stops 2023/24 (period 11)

Last 12 Months 05 February 2023 – 03 February 2024 

Number of recorded stations stops – 77,412,707

Passenger Trains Planned – 7,022,126

New industry measure – train punctuality at station stops – MAA as at 2023/24 (period 11)

Download On Time data for period 11 (xlsx 15 KB)

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