Safety assurance

We provide safety assurance for everyone that comes into contact with our business

There are always risks, both short-term and long-term, across all areas of our business. It’s vital that we manage these risks effectively to make sure we can deliver an efficient service and provide safety assurance for our passengers, workforce and members of the public who may be affected by our work.

Safety assurance is essential in a health and safety management system, checking that risk controls are effective and being used. It helps us to continually improve and work towards achieving our vision of getting everyone home safe every day.

Our safety assurance programme helps us to make informed decisions. It provides us with the management information we need that relates to our safety, technical and engineering performance.

We also learn from our accident and incident investigationsaudits, assurance (including supplier assurance) and benchmarking activities.
We have three lines of defence in our assurance programme:

3rd line: independent challenge and assurance

  • Independent external audits, e.g. ORR
  • Internal audit (SHE)

2nd line: corporate oversight

Strategic management, policy and procedure setting, functional oversight  

  • Corporate engineering verification
  • ‘Deep dive’ reviews
  • Functional topic and management system

1st line: management control

Established risk and control environment

  • Route / project compliance monitoring
  • Inspections and safety conversations
  • Management reviews and advisory visits
  • Self-assessment