Our Control Period 7 (CP7) delivery plans

Our Control Period 7 (CP7) delivery plan sets out our planned activities, outputs and expenditure of operating, maintaining and renewing the mainline railway infrastructure in Great Britain (GB) over the next five years (between 1 April 2024 and 31 March 2029).

It does not include any enhancement expenditure or activity, Network Rail High Speed activities and GBR transition team (GBRTT) activities as these are funded through other arrangements.

Our GB delivery plan consolidates and summarises our plans for Scotland, our four regions in England & Wales, and our six supporting network-wide functions. Our region and function plans are also available on our website, provided below.

Each year we will update our plans and demonstrate our progress on delivering our CP7 outcomes.

Download our GB delivery plan

Download our regional delivery plans

Download our functional delivery plans

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