How we’re regulated

We are regulated by the Office of Rail and Road for our stewardship of the rail infrastructure

The Office of Rail and Road (ORR) is the independent economic and safety regulator for Britain’s railway. It has a range of statutory powers to set the contractual and financial framework within which we operate the rail network.

It sets the targets we have to achieve, and reports regularly on our performance, ensuring we carry out our activities efficiently and well, and that we are appropriately funded. 

Our board’s accountabilities

We are regulated by the ORR under its Network Licence. There are six parts to the licence, covering different areas of operation:

  • network management and timetabling
  • restrictions on activities
  • dealings with third parties
  • information requirements
  • corporate matters
  • standard industry obligations.

Safety regulation

ORR also acts as our safety regulator. We are accountable to ORR for our health and safety performance – but we work closely with a range of industry bodies to continuously monitor and improve safety on the railway.