Putting passengers first

Network Rail is changing. We know that train performance hasn’t been good enough. Passengers want and deserve a reliable railway and that’s why our promise is to put passengers first.

To do that, we’re changing the way we’re structured. We now have five Network Rail regions, split into 14 routes. This means decision making is much more localised, and those with a better understanding of what our passengers want have more power to deliver those changes.

We’re also instilling a strong customer service mindset where all our people feel empowered to put the needs of passengers and freight users first. This renewed focus on the people we serve is at the heart of our plans for Control Period 6 (CP6).

Our Delivery Plan

In CP6, we're becoming a company that is on the side of passengers and freight users; that is easy to engage with and is an efficient and dependable partner; a company people are proud to work for; instinctively recognised as an industry leader.

When we published our Delivery Plan for CP6 we committed to updating our plans to reflect how the new organisational structure will help us deliver for passengers. Our updated Delivery Plan can be downloaded below:

Delivery plan

High level summary and overview
1 MB
Download our high level summary of what we are doing over the next five years.

Our Delivery Plan for CP6 covers the period from 1 April 2019 to 31 March 2024. As part of this Delivery Plan, each of the route strategic plans have evolved from those published in February 2018. The original Strategic Business Plan documents can be found below.

You can also view and download the regional regulatory financial plans under ‘Regulated plans’ at the bottom of this page.

Our targets for CP6

Download our plans

You can download all our plans as individual PDFs. Plans are available for each of our routes as well as key central functions.

CP6 Region summary plans

909 KB
North West and Central
776 KB
Scotland's Railway
599 KB
3 MB
Wales and Western
523 KB

CP6 Function summary plans

84 KB
Human Resources
45 KB
Network Services
842 KB
60 KB
Route Services
62 KB
34 KB
System Operator
36 KB

CP6 Delivery plan: regulated documents

Route Strategic Plan – Anglia
3 MB
Route Strategic Plan – Freight and National Passenger Operators
2 MB
Route Strategic Plan – London North Eastern and East Midlands
3 MB
Route Strategic Plan – London North Western
8 MB
Route Strategic Plan – Scotland
3 MB
Route Strategic Plan – South East
5 MB
Route Strategic Plan – Wales
2 MB
Route Strategic Plan – Wessex
6 MB
Route Strategic Plan – Western
4 MB
Strategic Plan – Digital Railway
3 MB
Strategic Plan – Infrastructure Projects
1 MB
Strategic Plan – Route Businesses HQ
1 MB
Strategic Plan – Route Services
10 MB
Strategic Plan – Safety, Technical and Engineering
3 MB
Strategic Plan – Telecoms
1 MB
Strategic Plan – Asset Information Services
696 KB
Strategic Plan – Corporate Communications
812 KB
Strategic Plan – Finance
491 KB
Strategic Plan – Human Resources
802 KB
Strategic Plan – Property
961 KB
Strategic Plan – System Operator
7 MB
Short form strategies
5 MB
Regional Regulatory Financials
30 KB

Related documents

2019 – 2020 annual scorecards

Scorecard Guidance 2019-20
245 KB
National Scorecard 2019-20
450 KB
Eastern Scorecard 2019-20
165 KB
North West and Central Scorecard 2019-20
375 KB
Scotland Scorecard 2019-20
437 KB
Southern Scorecard 2019-20
371 KB
Wales and Western Scorecard 2019-20
294 KB
FNPO Scorecard 2019-20
419 KB
System Operator Scorecard 2019-20
423 KB

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