Station employee talking to a mother and baby

Everyone strategy

How we’re working towards our vision to become an open, diverse and inclusive organisation

By becoming an open, diverse and inclusive organisation we will be safer and we’ll perform better. We’ll do this by focusing on:

1. Access and inclusion – this covers activities that create a more open and safer working environment, from the way we design our stations and facilities to the support for potential applicants and new members of staff.

2. Behaviours and benchmarking – this includes those activities that support an inclusive and fair culture, and enhance our interactions so that our safety and performance improve.

3. Collaboration – this encompasses those activities that promote working with others across our business and the rail industry.

Within each theme we have set out specific objectives based on the latest research, good practice and the benefits we want to deliver. These are in the table below and in our strategy.

Access and inclusion

Diversity and inclusion objectivesExamples of programme activities
  • To develop a safe, inclusive and fair culture where people feel respected, engaged, able to speak out and be themselves
  • The Inclusive Leadership Programme
  • Flexible working
  • Employee networks
  • Diversity Champions and Equality Reps
  • Anti-bullying and harassment campaign
  • Everyone Week
  • To deliver a more inclusive and accessible service, increasing our ability to serve existing and potential customers

Behaviours and benchmarking

Diversity and inclusion objectivesExamples of programme activitie
  • To positively influence the career choices of the next generation and those who don’t traditionally apply so that we attract applications from a wider range of potential employees
  • To use open, transparent and merit-based processes to appoint, promote and retain the best people who bring a diverse range of opinions, ideas and experiences
  • The Disability Confident Scheme
  • Diversity in Leadership
  • Inclusive training and development
  • Positive action
  • To manage individuals and teams fairly in a way that is customer-driven, collaborative, accountable and challenging
  • Reasonable adjustments
  • Transparent pay Inclusive premises and facilities
  • Line manager guides
  • Living wage
  • To encourage innovation, positive interactions and new collaborations that enhance our performance, decision-making and preparedness for the future
  • iBeacon technology pilot
  • Access at Birmingham New Street
  • Read and Write Gold software
  • Suicide prevention


Diversity and inclusion objectivesExamples of programme activities
  • To work with our suppliers and commercial partners to promote our commitment to diversity and inclusion
  • Principal contractors diversity review
  • Code of Conduct
  • Fairness, Inclusion Respect Toolkit
  • Achilles / RISQS framework review
  • Supplier engagement
  • To build more collaborative relationships with community-based groups and stakeholders so we are better able to meet their current and future needs
  • To work with UK and EU government departments to influence policy
  • To influence the rail industry and the wider transport sector to be more inclusive
  • Royal Academy of Engineering
  • Civil Engineers Contractors Association
  • Rail industry partners
  • Gatwick Airport
  • British Standards Institute