Everyone matters strategy

How we’re working towards our vision to become an open, diverse and inclusive organisation

Everyone matters is our diversity strategy for CP6. By 2024 we will be an even a more open, diverse and inclusive organisation that is better at reflecting the communities that we serve. By putting our passengers first, our strategy will help us to provide a more accessible and more inclusive experience for you.

We want demonstrate that we are open and inclusive by encouraging more of our people to share their own diversity data, especially our disabled colleagues, employees who are carers, people of different faiths and beliefs, and colleagues from the LBGT+ community.

We have set targets for each area of our strategy and we want to increase the diversity across the leadership of our business, as this will help to reduce our gender and ethnicity pay gaps. More diversity will also facilitate more innovation and we will listen more and make sure that everyone is involved and respected, which will encourage an inclusive working environment that values everyone.

In this strategy, our approach to diversity and inclusion demonstrates that everyone matters: our people, passengers and stakeholders.

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Our diversity and inclusion strategy for 2019-2024