How we engage with our stakeholders

We value our stakeholders and aim to develop good, long-term working relationships that are built upon openness, fairness and trust.

We want to make it as easy as possible for our stakeholders to do business with us, and this code of practice is an important part of that, letting you know what you can expect from us every time you deal with us.

Our stakeholders include individuals (for example passengers or lineside neighbours), customers (and owning groups), freight end users, national funders, local funding bodies, investors, passenger representative bodies, companies that form part of our supply chain, regulatory authorities and local government agencies and authorities.

Stakeholder engagement is a fundamental part of how we seek to continuously improve our business performance. We want to be able to focus more precisely on, and drive our business by, the needs of our stakeholders. As the owner and operator of the national railway infrastructure, it is our responsibility to treat stakeholders appropriately and reasonably.

Please see below our stakeholder relations code of practice in which we set out high level principles that we are committed to following when dealing with our stakeholders.