Volunteer profile: Adriana

Volunteering for Oxfam.

I’m Adriana…


I am an environmental specialist within the Environment and Sustainable Development team based in Network Rail's Safety, Technical and Engineering department. I provide support to all railway routes in environmental matters.

I wanted to use one of my five volunteering days to support Oxfam at its Hub in Milton Keynes.

What did I do?

Oxfam is a movement of millions of people, all working towards one goal – an end to poverty for everyone. Oxfam owns warehouses that are sorting and distribution hubs for clothing and textiles, which are processed for sale on its online shop.

I spent my volunteering day helping Oxfam in its Milton Keynes Hub, carrying out activities such as sorting through donations to extract the most saleable items, preparing online orders and photographing items for its website.

What did I give and get?

This day with Oxfam has given me more knowledge about how Oxfam works and how Network Rail can support its local impact through volunteering. Working with a new team and doing different activities for a day has been a great experience and I really look forward to coming back again.

What have I learnt?

I didn’t realise how many local opportunities there were. I just searched online for volunteering adverts in Milton Keynes and found the Oxfam role, which sounded fun. Booking my leave was easier than I expected, and I came away feeling really proud that I’d be able to support my local community.

I’ve done a team building volunteer day recently too, and that was a great way to add value to the local community while improving team relationships as well.

For more information

Oxfam Hub Milton Point, 01908 305411

Having a volunteer for a whole day is extremely useful to us. Adriana was able to help out in a few different areas of our operation, which meant we were able to be more productive that day. Our volunteer roles include picking and packing sold products, as well as preparing products for sale through hanging, steaming, photography and listing. The more we get done, the more we sell and the more money we are able to raise for Oxfam helping put an end to poverty, so an extra person for a day helps a huge amount. Adriana was a great help and would be more than welcome to come again.