Route Services was established in January 2016 to supply services, agreed by the routes, and to deliver these to all of our business units.

Route Services supplies services that the route managing directors collectively decide are best provided from a single support team. This allows routes to benefit from economies of scale and allow us to optimise resources on a national basis.

This includes supplying critical services, such as:

  • contract management and procurement
  • IT services and equipment
  • Network Rail consulting
  • shared services including finance, HR and training
  • supply and operation of our rail fleet, materials including rail and ballast across the supply chain.

Current tender opportunities

You can see our current tender opportunities on the procurement portal, BravoNR.

The following schedule includes tenders for our supply chain, such as:

  • infrastructure materials (rail, sleepers, ballast, switches and crossings)
  • heavy on-track plant (rail grinders, rail delivery and engineering trains)
  • collection, road haulage and safe disposal services.

CP6 tender opportunities (xlsx)

Contact us

If you would like to find out about supplying products or services to Network Rail, please use our Business Service Support request form.

For all invoicing and payment queries please call our accounts payable helpdesk on 0161 261 7500.

However, the only thing to be aware of is that the BravoNR site that’s being linked to is the same for both Route Services and IP.

Open for Business – how you can challenge our standards

We are encouraging contractors, suppliers and stakeholders to propose changes to our standards. We’re transforming, making it easier for other organisations to invest in, and build on the railway.

In the past, we have been viewed by other organisations wishing to invest or build on the railway as a gatekeeper and difficult to work with. So we commissioned the Hansford Review to investigate how we could remove barriers and transform, and make it easier for other organisations. We are now implementing the recommendations of the Hansford Review as part of the Open for Business programme.

Part of this programme is to review our standards – the detailed requirements that underpin how the railway and the delivery of improvement projects are run. In doing so, suppliers and other stakeholders can proactively suggest better ways of maintaining and enhancing the railway via our new standards challenge process.