Access for All

A major programme improving accessibility at train stations nationwide by installing lifts and ramps

Step-free stations offer accessible routes from entrance to platform. Step-free access not only benefits disabled people or those with reduced mobility, but also people with children, heavy luggage or shopping, and some more elderly people.

Using the railway reduces congestion on the roads and aids economic regeneration by giving easy access to job markets.

Occasionally local authority planning issues, heritage matters and other schemes can delay the start date of some accessibility improvement work. While this is out of our control, we understand the frustration this can bring and work tirelessly with our partners to resolve things as quickly as possible, keeping local communities, councillors and MPs up to date.

Browse details of accessibility improvements by station name, completion date and location.

Easier access to key stations

Wheelchair users, people with mobility issues, parents with pushchairs, assistance dogs and passengers with heavy or awkward luggage will find using key stations easier. 

Better facilities

Lifts are automatic and give an audible tone when the doors open and close. Staircases and platform edges have tactile warning surfaces and there are lowered handrails on footbridges. More about inclusive design

No disruption to journeys

No train services are affected by the Access for All improvement work. Stations remain open throughout.

Funding and selecting stations

The improvements we manage and deliver are funded by the Department for Transport who also select the stations. In Scotland, ministers recommended stations to the Secretary of State for Transport. See Transport Scotland.