How we help charities get from A to B

As an organisation at the heart of – and connecting – communities, we have a role in helping to deliver positive change.

We’re proud that our employees are supportive of charities and social initiatives through fundraising and volunteering, and we give our employees five days’ volunteer leave because we recognise its importance.

Our partnership with Barnardo’s

In particular, our ongoing Charity of Choice partnership brings together everyone at Network Rail around a common cause that can be supported across the organisation, and it makes a real difference.

Barnardo’s is the charity our people have chosen to be our current partner. The partnership will last until March 2019, and through fundraising, volunteering, gift-in-kind support and payroll giving, our employees support Barnardo’s to transform the lives of some of the UK’s most vulnerable young people.

Find out more about our partnership with Barnardo’s

We know partnering with a charity can make a big difference because the total value of our previous Charity of Choice partnership, with CLIC Sargent, was £4.5m after two-and-a-half years. This included £862,315 raised by our employees, which could fund over 40,000 hours of care for children and young people with cancer in the UK, helping to keep families affected by childhood cancer together and connecting them with support services.

Charity collections

We also know that registered charities appreciate using our destination stations for their fundraising activities. In 2016/17, collections at our stations raised over £1.2m for charity.

Registered charities can hold cash collections in the stations we manage, free of charge – find out how and apply.

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