Working hard to keep everyone safe at our stations

We manage Britain’s busiest and biggest stations. Every year there are more than a billion passenger journeys through the stations that we manage, and as the number of people travelling by train increases, they will only get busier.

We’re improving passenger flow

We’re working on a programme of upgrades that will make our stations safer and more appealing places to visit, including improvements in signage and access. We’re also working hard to apply the latest technology to how we communicate safety messaging in stations.

Accidents in our managed stations

Most accidents at stations are due to slips, trips and falls on escalators, concourses and platforms. Our platforms can be open to the elements and every effort is made to keep them hazard-free, but regular footfall and various environmental factors can make surfaces slippery or present unplanned obstacles.

Staying safe on our escalators

Accidents on escalators account for around a quarter of all accidents at our managed stations. They’re more common on escalators going up, often because people are rushing or carrying heavy or bulky luggage.

To avoid accidents:

  • Use lifts or step-free routes where available if you’re carrying luggage.
  • Wear sensible footwear.
  • Walk, don’t run.
  • Look out for signs and posters that will help you get around the station easily and safely.

Staying safe when getting on and off trains

Please take note of the following risks and advice:

  • Be aware of the doors – When boarding or alighting the train, don’t stop doors from closing as they may not reopen automatically.
  • Mind the gap – Unfortunately we can’t reduce the gaps between trains and platforms. There are 2,500 stations in Britain built to varying specifications over the last 180 years, and there are many different designs of trains too. Take extra care.
  • If you drop something on the track, leave it – Every year people are killed while trespassing on the railway. Never step onto the tracks. Lines may be electrified and trains can approach at speed. If you drop something, contact a member of staff.

Read about our safety campaigns

If you need help getting on and off trains, please book passenger assistance.

Working with the wider rail industry

We work with others in the industry on the Platform Train Interface (PTI) strategy, to make the gap between the platform and the train safer.