We’re committed to improving safety in our stations and encourage everyone to look out for each other.

station employee helping older women off buggy on platform

We encourage everyone to Lend a Helping Hand

Launched in 2015, our Lend a Helping Hand campaign encourages people to be more aware of other passengers when boarding and alighting trains to help reduce platform-related accidents.

The campaign’s success is in its simplicity: slow down, look, listen and think, and be kind and considerate to fellow passengers. Being aware reduces the number of slips, trips and falls and makes everybody’s journey safer, helping us achieve our vision of getting everyone home safe every day.

We know that the average number of slips, trips and falls in stations is 20 per cent higher in December than in any other month. Over 550 incidents were recorded in stations in December 2014 – the highest number in 10 years.

On average, people report 396 accidents each month within the 2,500 stations on the rail network – 20 of which we manage. The number of accidents reported jumps to 480 in December.

Posters displayed in stations remind passengers of simple advice to improve everyone’s journey.

Suggestions include giving extra time and space to older people or parents with pushchairs, keeping friends who have been drinking away from the platform, and being patient when getting on and off trains.