level crossing barrier warning light

Level crossing safety campaigns

We’re investing £100m to improve level crossing safety.

There are around 6,000 level crossings in Britain – a legacy of a railway built 150 years ago when there were fewer and slower trains, and no cars on the road.

We have a national safety awareness and improvements programme investing in closing and upgrading level crossings, alongside a safety awareness campaign aimed at specific user groups.


Promoting awareness

Our programme of national safety awareness activity includes working with local communities to find safer ways to cross the railway – above, beneath or via an alternative route – so we can then close the crossing.

We’ve closed over 1,000 crossings successfully in the past seven years. We’ve also developed new technology to help people use level crossings safely.

How users decide whether it’s safe to cross is critical, so we also run campaigns to improve understanding and encourage safe use.

Key to these campaigns are:

  • our dedicated community safety and level crossing teams who aim to reduce railway crime and increase safety awareness
  • a fleet of mobile safety vehicles with enforcement cameras used by British Transport Police
  • safety awareness and media campaigns that we run together with partner organisations to reach particular at-risk groups
  • developing better and more cost-effective ways of recording and acting on deliberate misuse of level crossings
  • working with the Police and Crown Prosecution Service to change driver behaviour through prosecution of offenders who deliberately abuse level crossings, and targeted safety courses.

9+ times people risked their lives at level crossings