The number of pedestrian level crossing incidents is at an all time high and it is our duty to reduce these numbers and preserve the safety of workers, the public, passengers and lineside neighbours

Throughout the summer, we will be engaging with people who live, work and play near pedestrian level crossings throughout Britain

You can follow the campaign by searching social media for the hashtag #BossingTheCrossing

There are approx. 6,000 public/private level crossings on the rail network

There are various types of level crossings, some operate with modern automatic barriers, some with barriers remotely controlled by a Signaller, and others have a more traditional operation that require users to STOP, LOOK and LISTEN for approaching trains. Although the UK has one of the safest level crossing records in Europe, people still die on crossings each year and the Rail Safety and Standards Board (RSSB) claim that ‘pedestrian near misses are showing an upward trend’ (Annual Safety Performance Report, 2016/17).

There has been an annual increase in pedestrian incidents since 2011-12
The peak incident months are April -October with warmer weather, harvest time and outdoor pursuits

Our campaign is using brand new films and creative imagery, targeting key audiences based on where they are and what type of pedestrian they are

The focus of the campaign is to highlight the stark contrast of a level crossing – safe and calm at one moment, and deathly dangerous in a split-second

At 17, Lucy was an aspiring hairdresser using the railway every day – that all changed in a split second when she was hit by a train on a level crossing

Our Campaign Adverts

Bossing the crossing safety campaign resource packs

General campaign resource pack
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Resources for young people
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Community partners resource pack
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Media pack
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Sensory impairment resource pack
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Walking / dog walkers resource pack
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Cycle safety resource pack
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The videos on this page can also be downloaded by clicking the sharing tab icon on each of the videos.

For more information about this safety campaign please call our 24/7 helpline on 03457 11 41 41 and quote ‘pedestrian safety campaign’ so we can get you the fastest possible response. Or follow the campaign on social media using #BossingTheCrossing

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