We are investing to transform passengers digital experience at Britain’s biggest and busiest stations

Over the coming months, we’re rolling out free, unlimited WiFi in all of our major stations across the country. You can now connect at Victoria, Euston and London Bridge, and the service is due to be rolled out in Waterloo and Paddington by January, with the rest of our stations launching by the end of 2021.  

  • Registration will be simple – simply accept the terms and conditions, click ‘Connect’ and enjoy
  • You can use more than one device
  • It's child friendly too. Find out more about Friendly WiFi.

Frequently asked questions

What is WiFi?

Essentially, it's wireless internet – WiFi is the name given to wireless networking technology that uses radio waves to provide high-speed internet and network connection.

What can I expect from the Network Rail WiFi service?

Our WiFi will be free and unlimited. Connection will be simple – agree to our terms and conditions, click ‘Connect' and you’ll be connected to our Free Station WiFi. You can even use more than one device and it's child friendly too.

Where can I access it?  

The WiFi will be available in all Network Rail managed stations by the end of 2021.

When can I expect WiFi at my station?

The first stations – Victoria, Euston and London Bridge – now have WiFi, with the phased rollout of WiFi to all Network Rail managed stations by the end of 2021.

Who can use the WiFi?

Any member of the public can use the service – simply connect to ‘#FreeStationWiFi' with a compatible device at one of our stations.

Is it really free? What’s the catch?

We know that access to free WiFi is important for passengers, that’s why our WiFi is completely free and there is no time limit on accessing the service.

How do I connect to Free Station WiFi?

  1. Switch on your device and go to your WiFi settings
  2. Select the network ‘#FreeStationWiFi' – this will bring up the landing page
  3. Accept the terms and conditions and click ‘Connect'
  4. You are now connected, enjoy!

Can I connect to the WiFi on any device?

Our WiFi service has been designed to work with as many WiFi devices as possible and the vast majority of mobiles, smart phones, tablets and laptops will work with our service.

Do I have to register?

No, you don’t have to register any personal details. Simply accept the terms and conditions and click ‘Connect'.

Can I get information about the station through the WiFi network?

Yes, there will be a link through to our station information on the welcome page. Click on ‘station information’ and you will be directed to the most up to date information about our station services.

Can I use the WiFi to make phone calls?

Yes, applications such as Skype, voice messenger and WhatsApp will allow you to make phone calls over WiFi.


I’m having trouble connecting to the free station WiFi. Where can I get help and support?

You may be able to find the answer to your issue below, but if you're still having trouble, you can get in touch with our 24/7 National Helpline on 03457 11 41 41.

What are the most common issues when connecting to the WiFi network and how do I fix it?

  • Is WIFI enabled on your device? Go to your settings and check that WiFi is enabled or ‘on'
  • Is your device compatible? The vast majority of mobiles and laptops have WiFi functionality.
  • Are you in an area covered by WiFi? WiFi is available in Network Rail managed stations across public areas – this includes concourses, platforms and taxi ranks.

Are you connected to ‘FreeStationWifi’?

Some stations are covered by other providers too, such as ‘WiFi Extra’ and ‘My Smart WiFi’, so check that you are using our ‘FreeStationWiFi’ service.

Is the WiFi network secure?

We take preventative measures to strengthen security across our network, such as using the latest security software and proactively looking out for risks. We also use content filtering to help protect our users further. Although we try take to make the service secure, we'd always recommend that you use public WiFi sensibly – only input personal details on secure websites and keep your own device up to date with the latest security software.

How fast is the WiFi?

Our free WiFi has been designed to cater for a busy station environment and serve the thousands of passengers in a station at any one time. Even in peak travel times, the service will allow you to browse the internet or download content from streaming services. Download speeds will fluctuate depending on the number of users at any one time.

Will you ask for any personal details or collect data through the WiFi?

No, you don’t have to register any personal details, but the service does collect MAC addresses.  You can find information in our Data Privacy Notice.

Is the WiFi child friendly?

Our WiFi is child friendly and specifically, ‘Friendly WiFi' certified. This means that we have met the government's safe filtering standards for public WiFi. Our service blocks access to pornography, indecent images and videos of children.

What can I do on the WiFi?

You can use social media, stream music, podcasts and videos, browse the Internet, make video or WiFi calls, work and game. Everything you can expect from your home WiFi.

How long can I use the service for?

WiFi will be available 24/7 and there is no restriction on how long you can use it for.

Am I restricted by download limits?

Not at all, there are no download limits.

View our WiFi privacy notice.

View our WiFi terms and conditions.