We want to ensure that disabled and older passengers can confidently travel safely

Keeping you safe during COVID-19

We are taking extra steps to help you travel safely, you can find out more here. Plan ahead by visiting National Rail Enquiries.

Wear a face covering

Please wear a face covering while in stations and travelling on public transport.

And remember some passengers have invisible disabilities or health conditions which means they are unable to wear one.

Face covering poster with the wording "Wear a face covering - please be considerate of others. Hidden disabilities or medical conditions may mean not everyone can"

You can find out about the latest information on face coverings and face covering exemptions from the National Rail Enquiries' website.

The Sunflower scheme

We recognise that not every disability is visible, and we hope all our customers can travel with dignity.  That’s why we’ve partnered with the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower scheme.

By wearing the Sunflower lanyard you can discreetly indicate to our staff that you may need additional support, a little more time or that you’re unable to wear a face covering.

Sunflower lanyards and exemption cards are available in our managed stations – if you are travelling through our stations you can ask a member of staff for one.

Alternatively, you can download and print the card below and carry it with you. There is no requirement to carry an exemption card or wear a lanyard, but this may help you feel more confident when travelling.  

We will also recognise similar cards that may have been issued by other transport operators. You do not have to print out the card, you can also display it on your phone.

Download card

Face covering exempt card – Network Rail
4 MB

Network Rail exemption card in partnership with the Hidden Disabilities sunflower scheme. The front of the card has a Network Rail logo, with a sunflower background with the words "Face covering exempt" on the front. The back of the card says "My hidden disability makes me exempt from wearing a face covering"

Passenger Assist

Passenger Assist is the service for disabled and older passengers, when you contact the train company you’re starting your journey with they can:

  • arrange assistance
  • help you on and off trains
  • reserve wheelchair spaces and seats
  • provide you with detailed rail information 
  • assist with any animals or pets you have with you.

How to book Passenger Assist

To book Passenger Assist for your next journey you can contact the train company you are starting your journey with, or check out the National Rail Enquiries assisted travel pages.

This page has information such as how to book assistance, as well as information on accessible stations. You can also call National Rail Enquiries passenger assistance on 0800 0223720.

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