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Our plans for the future

We’re delivering the biggest transformation of Britain’s railway in 150 years.

Our Railway Upgrade Plan is well underway, but it’s all part of an in-depth planning process between us, the Government, and consultation with industry partners. You can find out more about our plans through the publications on this page.

Our strategic business plan 2019 - 2024

Our plan for a better railway focuses on four key responsibilities. To run a safe, reliable, efficient and growing railway.  

CP6 Documents February 2019

In February 2019 we published our initial documentation on our plans for CP6. You can download these as individual PDFs in either summarised or full length regulated versions.

Network Rail's Delivery Plan for Control Period 5

We’re funded by government in five year blocks, called Control Periods. This document sets out what we will deliver over Control Period 5 (CP5), from April 2014 to March 2019. It is the ‘contract’ against which ORR will measure our performance.

Enhancements Delivery Plan

This is the companion to the Delivery Plan for CP6 and the most recent update was published in March 2019. It details the outputs and milestones for every programme in England and Wales that has passed a decision to deliver. An Enhancements Delivery Plan for Scotland is published separately.

Enhancements Improvement Programme

For a variety of reasons, the cost and timescales on a small number of the projects due to take place during 2014–2019 have increased beyond expectation. The Enhancements Improvement Programme sets out how we’re changing our approach to the development and delivery of projects to ensure the rail industry doesn’t face similar problems in future.

Strategic business plans

In the summer of 2012, the Government published its vision for Britain's railway, the High Level Output Specification (HLOS). This detailed what it wanted the rail industry to deliver in Control Period 5.

The strategic business plans both for England and Wales, and for Scotland were our initial formal response to the Government, along with A better railway for a better Britain, which makes clear our commitments in 10 key areas to benefit all our customers.

The Williams Rail Review was established in September 2018 to look at the structure of the whole rail industry and the way passenger rail services are delivered.

It is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to improve outcomes for passengers, freight users and taxpayers.

In the document above, you can read our response to the review’s March 2019 evidence papers.

You can also read more about the Williams Review at the GOV.UK website.

The Shaw Report

Published in March 2016, the Shaw Report emphasised that our customers want us to focus more on their needs, and made a number of recommendations. You can read it in full here.