Our Delivery Plan for 2019-2024

Putting passengers first

Today, train performance isn’t good enough. Passengers deserve a reliable railway and that’s why our promise is to put passengers first. This ethos is at the heart of our Delivery Plan for Control Period 6 (CP6).

This control period, which starts on 1 April and spans the next five years, gives us a fresh opportunity to refocus and put the needs of passengers and freight first.

From now on, the whole rail industry will be driven by delivering the best outcome for passengers and freight users. Every decision we make will be through the eyes of our passengers, which will ingrain a customer service mindset throughout the organisation.

This shift to put passengers back at the heart of the industry will be supported by a new structure in Network Rail, bringing our route businesses closer to the people we serve.

Our Delivery Plan

Our Delivery Plan further builds on our Strategic Business Plan for CP6 which we published in February 2018.

Our plan for CP6 focuses on four key responsibilities - to run a safe, reliable, efficient and growing railway, and includes targets related to each.

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Freight and National Passenger Operators

Freight and National Passenger Operators (FNPO) was established as the company’s ninth operational route, to look after nationally focused customers whose interests extend across our geographical routes’ boundaries.

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Our targets for CP6

Download our plans

You can download all our plans as individual PDFs. Plans are available for each of our routes as well as key central functions.

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