London North Western

On this page you can download PDF documents for the Strategic Business Plan 2019 – 2024 for this route. You can download both the summary and the full-length regulated version at the links below. For all information and downloads related to our Strategic Business Plan, please visit the main page.

London North Western (LNW) is the Backbone of Britain. It runs from London Euston and Marylebone in the South through the Chiltern and West Midlands regions, the North West of England and Cumbria before joining with Scotland at Gretna. It is home to the West Coast Mainline, the busiest mixed-use railway in Europe and Britain’s economic spine connecting our main cities – London, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Looking ahead

Our team will deliver brilliant service to customers through first-class asset management. We will make investments in asset remote condition monitoring and improving our engineering tools. This will provide improvements in train performance to each and every train operator within the route, providing better journeys for passengers.