By becoming a more open, diverse and inclusive organisation we can deliver a safe, accessible railway for everyone

Our railway lines are the economic arteries of our country, and it’s our job to keep them safe and reliable for the more than four million people who depend on them to get to work, visit family and see friends every day.

We expect the number of people using the railway to double over the next 25 years. To meet this challenge, remain cost-competitive and deliver for our customers, we need a diverse workforce with innovative ideas and creative solutions, as well as a culture where everyone feels able to perform.

Our diversity and inclusion strategy

Everyone, our diversity and inclusion strategy, sets out how we’ll deliver a safer, more accessible and improved service for our customers and passengers, and how we’ll make Network Rail a better place to work for everyone.

Diversity and inclusion are powerful tools to help us improve our performance. We can only continue to improve when we have fresh ideas and when people feel safe to challenge the status quo.

With a focus on diversity and inclusion we can create a high-performing culture, where safety and performance go hand in hand.

What diversity and inclusion mean to us

We use ‘diversity’ to describe our commitment to recognising and respecting differences between people while valuing the contribution everyone can make to our business.

‘Inclusion’ means creating safe and welcoming workplaces with fair cultures that encourage innovative and fresh ways of thinking, and allow people to speak up, especially to suggest where things could be done better. Diversity is about getting a mix and inclusion is about making sure that mix works well.

How we’re leading the way

We have an award-winning, industry-acclaimed diversity and inclusion team, and our Everyone strategy and Spaces and Places for Everyone strategy are highly regarded across the rail and engineering sectors.

How we’re making a difference in diversity and inclusion

Work with us

Our employees come to work wanting to do a good job, inspired by the importance of the railways to people and society.

We’re working hard to ensure our workforce better represents our customers and society as a whole. Women now represent nearly 25 per cent of both our Board and executive leadership committee. We’re also growing gender and ethnicity diversity in our early entrant programmes, especially our graduate programme.

We aspire to make the best use of our people’s talent and capabilities and to provide real opportunities for their professional development.

There is more to do – but the success of our work on diversity and inclusion, and the excitement of being part of the biggest transformation of Britain's rail industry in history, are starting to make Network Rail an employer of choice.

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We’re working hard to ensure our workforce better represents our customers and society as a whole

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