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Annual return

The annual return reports on our achievements, developments and challenges during the year and on progress during the control period.

It is the primary means by which we report progress in delivering outputs established in the last periodic review and it provides an important reference for stakeholders.

The annual return reports information at a network-wide level and disaggregates this by Scotland, England and Wales and wherever possible by operating routes.

The executive summary provides a high-level overview of our performance and key matters arising during 2015/16.

Historical record of Network Rail stewardship

The annual return includes data on our key performance measures and outputs. We have created a set of summary tables to provide easy reference for these numbers. As well as showing historic trends, this document includes the latest annual updates and any restated numbers.

The historical record of Network Rail stewardship is produced in September each year following the publication of the annual return. It is possible that there may be updated numbers available between publication of the annual return and publication of the historical record of Network Rail stewardship.

To avoid confusion between the two documents, we have updated the annual return where necessary so that all reported numbers are aligned.