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Annual report and accounts

We own and operate the railway infrastructure in England, Wales and Scotland on behalf of the nation. Here we look at what we do, how we are governed, how we are funded and our strategy for delivering a better railway for passengers

Our aim is to provide a safe, reliable and efficient railway, with the capacity needed to meet ever-growing demand and help build a thriving, sustainable economy. Here you can find out more about our work in 2015/16 to improve the experience of everyone who uses the railway.




Britain’s railway is a remarkable success story. Our railway is a national asset and key public service that is an enabler of economic growth, job creation and house building nationally. We have both the safest and the fastest growing rail industry in Europe.

Sir Peter Hendy, chair



Main report sections

From our board

Key messages from our board on our achievements and challenges in 2015/16. Download the foreword by chair, Sir Peter Hendy, the chief executive's review by Mark Carne and chief financial officer, Jeremy Westlake's review of our financial performance.

How we performed

An at-a-glance summary of how we performed against our targets for key performance indicators, plus our approach to risk management.

Operating review, England, Wales and Scotland

Network Rail operates eight routes across the country, with seven routes in England and Wales and the Scotland Route, which is a deep alliance with Abellio ScotRail. For the first time, this annual report has an assessment of how each route has performed over the year. This is part of our move towards a devolved structure which will promote competition and enterprise, faster decision making and will place our customers and passengers at the heart of what each route does.

How we act responsibly

In 2015/16 we continued to work in ways that improve Britain's economies, communities and the wider environment, and took our transparency work to the next level.

Financial statements

Our full financial statements and notes, plus a review of our financial performance by chief financial officer, Jeremy Westlake.

There is a lot to do. We will embed the changes required, including devolution to the routes. At the same time we will maintain our relentless focus on running a safe railway network for our customers, driving better operational performance and lower costs, while carrying out the largest ever investment programme in our railway's history. All eyes are on us to deliver our full CP5 enhancement commitments by 2019, on time and on budget.

Mark Carne, chief executive

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