Workforce safety is measured by the Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate (LTIFR) measure, which measures the number of personal injuries which have resulted in lost time. The measure includes all employees and contractors working on Network Rail’s infrastructure. LTIFR is normalised per one hundred thousand hours worked.

For all workforce safety measures, lower figures indicate better performance.

Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate

Employee on-duty fatalities 10002
Major injuries / Specified injuries100728987
Lost time injuries (RIDDOR Reportable 7+ days)188211178186
Lost Time Injuries (All combined)673693693583
Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate0.5370.4970.4390.3580.2800.290


In terms of workforce safety (within which we include our contractors) we applied a 10% reduction to the previous year lost time injury frequency target and we have achieved this target. We had two track worker fatalities in the year, the first workforce fatality since 2014/15. Since the start of CP5 the LTIFR has improved from 0.564 to 0.310; a reduction of 45%. A track worker safety task force has been launched to improve the safety of track workers. The task force will be a partnership with all the key players in the industry – who are able to help bring about improvements – including the ORR, trades unions and contractors.