We work with national and local organisations to make level crossings safer and to help people use them correctly.

There are more than 6,000 level crossings in Britain, and one of the busiest rail networks in the world. This is one of our critical risks and remains a priority area for us.

The data in this report includes:

  • incidents where a motorised vehicle is struck by, or strikes, a train
  • incidents where a pedestrian or user of a non-motorised vehicle is struck and fatally injured by a train
  • near misses (non-fatal incidents) with a motorised vehicle, non-motorised vehicle or pedestrian.

Level crossing results

Level crossing misuse (MAA) Network-wide25.4625.92

Collisions with road vehicles74679
Train striking pedestrian 1251173
Near miss with road vehicle7672958073
Near miss with non-vehicle users236256276314308

*MAA = Moving annual average

Note: Due to data refreshing, figures are different to those reported in the 2015 annual return.


Over the past five years there has been a sustained reduction in the number of near misses with road vehicles. In 2018/19 there were nine collisions with road vehicles which is slight increase on previous years. There were two accidental fatalities at level crossings in the past year, all of which were pedestrians, and there was an additional pedestrian struck non-fatally at a crossing.

Closing level crossings remains an important part of our strategy. The total number of closures since the start of 2014/15 now stands at 372, with the total number of closures achieved since the start of 2009/10 at 1,176. A further 63 remain temporarily closed through Traffic Regulation Orders. The combined closures achieved over the past ten years are a significant success and contribute to reduced risk and improved public and passenger safety across the network.

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