Network Rail Gender Pay Gap Report 2017

We welcome the opportunity to report our gender pay gap under the Government’s new guidelines.

Our 2017 pay gap is 11 per cent. This is substantially lower than the current UK pay gap of 18.1 per cent and we are proud of the progress we have made to date. But we are determined to reduce it further.

The rail industry has historically been male-dominated with many roles falling within engineering and construction disciplines. 16 per cent of our workforce is female and our analysis shows that the proportion generally decreases through the higher pay quartiles.

Our analysis also tells us that the under-representation of women in higher paid roles is the main driver for our gender pay gap. There are no quick wins to closing the gap. We need sustained focus on increasing the number of women in our workforce, improving our retention rates and investing more in supporting and progressing our most talented women so that they are able to compete successfully for our most senior roles.

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At Network Rail we continually strive to be more diverse. Not only is it right for us to better reflect the communities we serve but diversity makes us a better organisation.

Transparent pay

In 2015 we completely overhauled our management pay structure to ensure equality, fairness and transparency. We introduced narrower pay ranges for management bands which are market aligned, easy for all employees to understand and which helped to remove pay discrepancies.

It subsequently informed our ongoing work because we now know that our gender pay gap is driven by the structure of our workforce and the concentration of males in more senior positions, rather than our pay structure which is gender neutral by design. This has helped us to focus our efforts on attracting and recruiting more women, retaining them within our workforce and progressing our female talent into the most senior roles within the business.