We have local diversity and inclusion workstream leads in each of our routes and functions, with over 1800 diversity and inclusion Champions and over 60 equality representatives

It’s not enough for us to have a clear mandate for diversity and inclusion – it’s about putting that into practice and inspiring everyone within the organisation, and those we meet from outside, to understand and contribute to our inclusive culture.

Diversity and inclusion Champions

To this end, we ask our Champions to act as role models for diversity and inclusion, taking actions when appropriate and challenging behaviours where necessary. They ask questions to check that diversity and inclusion is being recognised, understood and viewed as important to our business.

Champions must personally set an example through their own behaviours and decisions, encouraging others to act in line with our published values and commitments.

Our Champions gain a basic level of knowledge through formal workshops, although they may also look to develop their capability through research and by meeting and communicating with people from diverse backgrounds or origins.

Equality representatives

The role of trade union equality representatives is to help make the workplace fairer and to ensure our people are more aware of the concept of diversity and inclusion in both policy and practice. Diversity and inclusion can often be complex, and representatives are required to keep up to date with legislation and best practice.

Some of our workstream leads are responsible for distinct projects and others for leading on diversity and inclusion in a business function or route. Based on a self-assessment process, they set the scope and content of activity, and work with local senior staff, colleagues and other stakeholders to progress identified actions within agreed timescales, manage issues and risks, and meet reporting requirements.