We value our stakeholders and customers and work hard to develop long-term working relationships that are built upon openness, fairness and trust.

This stakeholder code of practice is intended to satisfy condition 8 of our network licence, which requires us to publish information on the principles and procedures we’ll adopt when we deal with our stakeholders. It’s a fundamental part of how we’re continually improving our business performance.

This code of practice aims to go part of the way to satisfying this by recognising that in order to give stakeholders a better experience we need to pre-empt and respond to their needs.

Stakeholder code of practice downloads

Stakeholder relations code of practice
251 KB
Applying for or extending franchise contracts
37 KB
Developing and purchasing Network Rail land
182 KB
The railway systems code of practice
183 KB
Accessing Network Rail standards for contractors and suppliers
179 KB
Getting access to stations managed by Network Rail
208 KB
Renting property from Network Rail (excluding retail units at the stations we manage)
23 KB
Supplying works, services or products to Network Rail
189 KB
Passenger track access for existing train operators
211 KB
Freight/charter track access for existing train operators
82 KB
Freight/charter track access for new or potential train operators
111 KB
Freight connection contracts
187 KB
Introducing new vehicles or changes to vehicles
221 KB
Passenger track access for new and potential train operators
211 KB
Investing in the network
711 KB
Guidance for completing the Standards Challenge Application
292 KB
Standards Challenge Form
48 KB
Open for Business supporting information for pilot contestable projects
508 KB
Default risk allocation table – third party asset protection agreement
257 KB
Network Rail Service Level Obligations for Third Party Asset Protection Agreements February 2019 Pending ORR Approval
119 KB
Standards challenged to date – March 2019
38 KB
Asset protection and optimisation – Customer satisfaction – April 2019
161 KB
Asset protection and optimisation – Service levels – April 2019
109 KB