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  • Safety

    Everyone home safe every day

  • Mark CarneKeeping people safe on the railway is at the heart of everything we do.

    We’re creating a culture and system which will be sustainable for years to come and help us deliver not only a safer but a better performing and more efficient railway.

    In March 2014 Mark Carne, our chief executive, started the cascade of the safety statement to our people, contractors and subcontractors. The commitments apply to everyone who works on the railway.

    Our safety statement

  • Safety initiatives

  • Level crossings 290x140

    Level crossings

    Guides to using level crossings, resources for teachers and parents, details for all our crossings and more.

    Level crossings
    Station safety 290x140

    Station safety

    We're making people aware of the hazards presented by stairs, escalators and passengers with luggage in stations.

    Station safety
    Safety Central - 290x140

    Workforce safety

    The Safety Central website promotes best health and safety practice in the rail industry including zero-tolerance to drugs and alcohol and CIRAS, the whistle blowing hotline.

    Safety Central
    Lifesaving Rules 290x140

    Lifesaving Rules

    These rules, which must never be broken, apply to all staff and are in place to keep us safe. We will all intervene if we feel a situation or behaviour might be unsafe.

    Our Lifesaving Rules
    Teacher and parent resources, 290x140

    Teacher and parent resources

    Educational resources developed with teachers and pupils about electrification, level crossings and railway safety.

    Safety education
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  • Volunteers wanted

    Join our campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of level crossings and help change behaviour.