London Victoria at night by Adrian Backshall

Third-party investors

Information for external parties interested in investing in and helping to deliver railway infrastructure projects

Information for funders


Third parties have a big role in improving the railway, and we're the principal point of contact for customers and stakeholders wishing to invest in the rail network infrastructure

Private financing

We're exploring new ways of paying for the growth in passengers and freight on the railway, involving private finance to release government capital, encourage innovation and speed up improvements

Third-party agreements

To encourage third-party investment in the network, we have a suite of template agreements for enhancement projects that have been developed and revised following extensive consultation with industry, customers and stakeholders

Hansford Review

The independent review into barriers preventing alternative project delivery models on Britain’s rail network, chaired by Professor Peter Hansford

Network Rail was reclassified as a Central Government Body from 1 September 2014 and no longer issues debt in the capital markets in its own name. The debt investor relations pages are maintained for the benefit of investors in existing UKRAIL bonds, which are unaffected by the changes.

Debt investor relations