We have arrangements to provide certain labour, materials and plant to contractors working on our infrastructure

We can provide these resources directly or through contracted suppliers as facilitated resources.

The resources available, with contact details for further information, are listed below.

Network Rail facilitated resources

We can provide the following facilitated resources through contracted suppliers:

  • external infrastructure cable
  • LED signal heads
  • relays
  • contingent labour – labour supplied on a labour-only basis with PPE and hand tools (but without plant and materials) to work under the direction and supervision of the client in the following disciplines:
  1. track work and protection
  2. welders
  3. grinders
  4. signal maintenance testing handbook (SMTH)
  5. signal works testing
  6. overhead line equipment (OLE)
  7. isolations
  8. off-track and civils.

Network Rail supplied resources and contacts

External infrastructure cable:

  1. Signalling cable (NR/PS/SIG/00005)
  2. Low voltage aluminium signalling power cable (BR880)
  3. Low voltage copper power cable (BS5467)
  4. Track feeder cable (NR/PS/ELP/21101)
  5. Pilot cable (NR/PS/ELP/27220)
  6. MV feeder cable (NR/PS/ELP/00008)
  7. Points heating cable (NR/SP/ELP/40045)
  8. Copper telecommunications cable (NR/PS/TEL/00015)
  9. Fibre optic telecommunications cable (NR/PS/TEL/00014)
  10. Data link cable (BR1932)

Anixter – Mark Spindler

Cleveland Cable Ltd – Alastair Powell

Unipart Rail – Kelly Warburton

LED signal heads

  1. 2/3 aspect head (with and without hoods, long and medium range)
  2. 3/4 aspect head (With and without hoods, long and medium range)
  3. LED banner repeater signal heads

Unipart Rail – Kelly Warburton

Variable Message Signs Ltd – Tony Isaacs


  1. BR930 series relays

STS Rail – Martin Rubrey

Unipart Rail – Kelly Warburton

Westinghouse – Richard Ward