We are committed to making it easier for suppliers to work with us.

Here you will find a range of information dedicated to our supply chain. From easy access to our range of digital portals and systems to information about key processes.

Supplier references

We are now supplying references for organisations within our supply chain who are bidding for overseas contracts or for an export opportunity. To find out more, please read through the supplier references process document (136 KB, PDF).

This decision has been taken to support the Rail Sector Deal – Export & Inward Investment Pillar and the government’s ‘Industrial Strategy’. If you have any queries relating to this, please contact RSC&PProcurementOperations@networkrail.co.uk. Requests should be submitted to the Employer’s Representative.

Network Rail standards

Our Network Rail standards can now be accessed free of charge on the new standards portal. Suppliers wishing to access these standards will need to register and then add the relevant standards to your order. A 100% discount will then be applied during the checkout process.

Buildings, architecture & design guidance

If you are involved in the construction or design of station buildings, you can find a range of dedicated documents, resources and guidance by visiting the buildings, architecture and design guidance page.

Access and support to our systems and portals

We want to make it easier for you to access the information and systems needed when working with Network Rail. You’ll find links to all our key systems below and information on how to get support for them.

BravoNR is our end-to-end procurement system. We use BravoNR to manage our supplier contract lifecycle to drive commercial value for Network Rail.

Access all the Network Rail standards free of charge on the standards portal. You will be required to register on IHS Markit before you can access the standards.

If you have difficulty with the site, please contact the IHS Markit support centre.

Please send all invoices in PDF format to invoices@networkrail.co.uk

Invoices / credit notes for utility suppliers should be sent to InvoicesUtilities@networkrail.co.uk

For enquiries relating to invoicing and payments, please email nrssapqueries@networkrail.co.uk or call 0161 261 7500

Invoices must meet the following criteria:

  • Original computer-generated PDF format only, attached directly to the email
  • Microsoft Word / Excel documents will not be accepted
  • The Purchase Order reference must be clearly stated on the document
  • The document should reflect the format of the PO to avoid unnecessary queries &/or delays
  • We can only accept invoices or credit notes to this mailbox – no other documents should be included or sent
  • A separate PDF must be created for each invoice and the file name should be the invoice number
  • Do not include any blank pages or attachments.

If you are not able to meet the criteria, please use the postal address:

Accounts Payable, Network Rail,
PO Box 4145, Manchester
M60 7WZ

Need more support? Complete an iReceivables support request

iSupplier is an Oracle® enterprise application that structures all supplier communication through a secure internet portal, a rich two-way collaboration that will allow you to access the latest information including purchase orders, delivery information and payment status of invoices.

To sign up for iSupplier Portal access please submit a request using our online web form.

Need more support? Complete an iSupplier support request

Purchase Orders will be sent as a PDF to the e-mail address you provided, should you wish to amend this or any other details please contact FinanceDataMaintenance@networkrail.co.uk.

Should you have any queries related to the Purchase Order you should contact the ‘requestor’ shown on the PO, which is on the top left or within the details of the order.

RISQS is an enhanced audit service, providing the industry with supplier assurance fit for the future. RISQS remains central to the safe and cost-effective procurement of railway products and services, providing assurance for 110-plus buyers including Network Rail and TfL.

Safety Central is a one-stop shop to promote best practice health and safety within the rail industry. You’ll find information about a multitude of health and safety topics, advice and guidance, useful contacts, and plentiful resources including presentations and safety videos.

Network Rail supplied and facilitated resources

We have arrangements to provide certain labour, materials and plant to contractors working on our infrastructure. We can provide these resources directly or through contracted suppliers as facilitated resources.

The resources available, with contact details for further information, are listed below.

We can provide the following facilitated resources through contracted suppliers:

  • external infrastructure cable
  • LED signal heads
  • relays
  • contingent labour – labour supplied on a labour-only basis with PPE and hand tools (but without plant and materials) to work under the direction and supervision of the client in the following disciplines:
  1. track work and protection
  2. welders
  3. grinders
  4. signal maintenance testing handbook (SMTH)
  5. signal works testing
  6. overhead line equipment (OLE)
  7. isolations
  8. off-track and civils.

External infrastructure cable:

  • Signalling cable (NR/PS/SIG/00005)
  • Low voltage aluminium signalling power cable (BR880)
  • Low voltage copper power cable (BS5467)
  • Track feeder cable (NR/PS/ELP/21101)
  • Pilot cable (NR/PS/ELP/27220)
  • MV feeder cable (NR/PS/ELP/00008)
  • Points heating cable (NR/SP/ELP/40045)
  • Copper telecommunications cable (NR/PS/TEL/00015)
  • Fibre optic telecommunications cable (NR/PS/TEL/00014)
  • Data link cable (BR1932)


LED signal heads

  • 2/3 aspect head (with and without hoods, long and medium range)
  • 3/4 aspect head (With and without hoods, long and medium range)
  • LED banner repeater signal heads



  • BR930 series relays


Fair payment charter

Network Rail is committed to being transparent about paying you on time and we expect prompt payments to flow down the supply chain likewise. The Network Rail fair payment charter has been signed by many of our biggest tier one suppliers and commits to making faster payments to subcontractors.  

View the fair payment charter

Payment issues for sub-contractors

If you are a supplier to a supplier of Network Rail and feel you are not being treated fairly by our primary contractors in terms of payment, please let us know through the request form below. We’ll endeavour to help.

Standards challenge

We are encouraging contractors, suppliers and stakeholders to propose changes to our standards. We’re transforming, making it easier for other organisations to invest in, and build on the railway.

As a result of the Hansford Review we launched our Open for Business programme to help remove barriers and transform, and make it easier for other organisations to work with us.

Part of this programme is to review our standards – the detailed requirements that underpin how the railway and the delivery of improvement projects are run. In doing so, suppliers and other stakeholders can proactively suggest better ways of maintaining and enhancing the railway via our new standards challenge process.

Further support for existing suppliers

If you still need assistance , please complete a supply chain support request.

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