Opportunities for third parties

In July 2017, we committed to a series of reforms designed to make it easier for other organisations to invest in and build on the railway.

The reforms were in response to recommendations made by the Hansford Review and will make it easier for third parties to fund, finance or deliver work on the railways.

Oxford Parkway Station; Funded by Chiltern Railways and Network Rail

As part of our Open for Business work, we have identified a small number of projects which we believe could be good for the railway and would also deliver wider economic benefits, making them suitable for potential third party funding, financing or delivery.

This is a list of potential opportunities for third parties and inclusion does not necessarily represent a commitment to deliver a project. Some of the enhancement projects are at a very early stage of development and we are inviting interest from third parties to help us explore whether the project and the approach are viable, whilst others are more advanced. Examples of schemes, for which third parties are providing funding, include the redevelopment of Coventry station and a new station at Robroyston.

The projects would be progressed on a staged basis, subject to third party funding for that stage, to enable the scope, requirements/outcomes, supporting business/value case, costs and benefits to be confirmed.

The list also includes a small number of schemes, elements of which may be suitable for third party financing, and renewals schemes, which could be contestable pilot schemes for third parties to deliver.

The publication of this list is complemented by the publications by the Department for Transport of guidance for market-led proposals.  It is also in line with the Department’s publication of the Rail Network Enhancement Pipeline, which sets out the UK Government’s approach to railway enhancements in Control Period 6 (2019-2024) and beyond.  The Scottish Government’s approach to investment in Scotland’s railway is set out in its Rail Enhancements & Capital Investment Strategy, published on 19 March 2018.

Business development directors

We have appointed business development directors into each of our routes to ensure we have people with the right skills to work collaboratively with businesses, local authorities and other public sector bodies to bring in new sources of funding to the railway.

We plan to add to this list in future, as further potential opportunities for third parties are identified.

If you would like to find out more about a specific project, or our work on Open for Business, please speak to your local business development contact.

Kate Warner, Director, Sponsorship & Business Development
07747 480254

London North Eastern and East Midlands
Paul McKeown, Director, Sponsorship & Business Development
07713 301885

London North Western
David Golding, Business Development Director
07818 011017

Alastair Camelford, Senior Sponsor
07801 907333

South East
John Gill, Business Development Director
07795 688658

Dave Stanbury, Business Development Director
07733 126552

Paul Richmond, Business Development Director
07825 766854

Francis McGarry, Business Development Director
07920 155806

Guy Bates, Head of Freight Development
07825 376699

National corporate finance and business development
Harriet Hepburn, Director, Corporate Finance & Business Development
07701 055641

Tolu Osekita, Third Party Funding Lead


We encourage all third parties to work closely with our Business Development Directors to resolve issues. If you have feedback about a project you are working on you would like to escalate, please contact: ThirdPartyEscalations@networkrail.co.uk