Advertising and promotions

Our large stations represent a unique opportunity in which advertisers can reach a mass audience

Promote your brand, products and services through our station and roadside advertising portfolio and also via ticket barriers.

Advertisers can communicate effectively to a diverse audience with either national or more targeted campaigns in an array of locations, sizes and formats. This includes all large-format digital channels, such as Transvision and the smaller digital 6-sheets, through to traditional sheet-based advertisements.

For more information, please visit our agents:

  • for in-station advertising contact JC Decaux
  • for roadside advertising contact Primesight
  • for bridge advertising contact Clear Channel.
  • for in-station Customer Information Points advertising contact UK Media.

Automated ticket gates

We have automated tickets gates (ATGs) at most of our stations. Effectively branded as unavoidable media, they offer an excellent opportunity to engage with specific platform based audiences.

For more about automated ticket gate advertising visit t4media.

Experiential promotions

Promotional activities on our busy stations are managed by Space and People. Marketers have a unique opportunity to interact with millions of consumers on some of the UK’s busiest station concourses. Whether you wish to exhibit, sample, leaflet or acquire new customers you can get among consumers, appealing to them through quality experiential marketing initiatives.

For more information about experiential promotions visit Space and People.

Washroom advertising

Advertising within our station washrooms is managed by Admedia. Through its A3 posters, brands have a new media touch point where passengers are away from the distractions of a busy station environment. Long dwell times of up to 105 seconds and gender targeting opportunities allow marketers to target various audiences with different messages.

For more information on washroom advertising visit Admedia.