Retail in Britain’s biggest stations

850 million people visit our stations every year

Network Rail Property manages the retail space across 20 of our managed stations.

With more and more people choosing to travel by rail, we anticipate that by 2020 there will be a further 400 million rail journeys. With this level of footfall, our stations across Britain offer a wealth of exciting and unique retail opportunities.


Our vision for station retail

Our vision is for our managed stations to be recognised as destinations in their own right – first-class, modern travel facilities that simplify the lives of customers and the communities where they are situated.

We work in partnership with over 150 brands to create extraordinary places where all our station users can enjoy unique retail experiences in exciting, contemporary surroundings.

Meeting consumer needs

Stations are no longer simply places to travel through. Increasingly, our stations have become a convenient place to shop for surrounding communities, and an ideal place for meeting up for drinks and dinner when socialising.

Working together

If you are interested in becoming a retailer at one of our stations, and have a successful trading history with an established brand, find out how you can register your interest in working with Network Rail.

Reach a mass audience, every day

Millions of journeys start, pass through and end in our managed stations each and every day, providing a unique opportunity for advertisers to reach a diverse audience.