Easements, telecoms and wayleaves

We grant easements and wayleaves for utilities and telecoms companies to run pipes and cables along, under or over our land

Our team deals with proposals for cables and pipelines from telecoms, gas, electricity and water companies, the installation of cables and masts for most major telecommunications network operators and many different facilities, including access requirements for the mining and quarrying industries.

Your business

The first stage will depend on the nature of your business.

Statutory easements – gas, electricity or water.

Are you the utility network operator?



Residential or non-commercial

Before you make an application

Before making an application you will need to consult an asset protection project manager (APPM). APPMs are dedicated to providing advice and support to outside parties who are planning activities that interface with the rail network in some way.

They are also the first point of contact if you wish to carry out repairs or maintenance to any existing facility under the terms of your existing agreement.

Meeting the needs of the railway

Our priority is always to meet the operational and safety needs of the railway. We are very happy to accommodate our neighbours on terms that allow us to fulfil our commitments to the operational railway.

Before we can enter into an agreement, we must consider the potential effects of your proposal on the railway infrastructure.

The issue is one of practicality: how can we permit pipelines, cables and masts on, under or over the railway infrastructure while safeguarding the integrity of the railway. What may appear to be just a strip of land with two rail lines running along it is in fact a corridor of complex, tightly packed, high-tech communication infrastructure that cannot be disturbed.

General enquiries

Our Property team handles all negotiations of terms and arranges the completion of property agreements.

You can email us on easementsandwayleaves@networkrail.co.uk.