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Kings Cross retail shops


Our vision is for all Network Rail managed stations to be recognised as destinations in their own right

Over 850 million passengers pass through Network Rail managed stations every year - that's more people than pass through the UK's five busiest airports combined. This figure is expected to rise to over 1 billion by 2020.


Our future is to support this growth by creating extraordinary places for commuters, consumers and local communities to enjoy. We have already started this journey in our larger stations, such as London King's Cross and Liverpool Street.

Footfall studies show around 25 per cent of people coming to our stations are not travelling, but using stations as convenient hubs for shopping and dining -  such as London Waterloo, where the new £25 million balcony delivered an increase of 27 per cent in like for like sales in the first year, as well as increased passenger satisfaction.

Our team manage 510,000 square feet of prime retail space, 480 different retail units and works with 140 brands. We also specialise in managing the commercial contracts for catering, services, advertising, car parks and left luggage within our stations.

Retail sales and footfall April - June 2015

  • Network Rail achieved a 13th successive quarter of station retail growth in the first three months of 2015/16.
  • Overall like-for-like figures show average sales rose by 3.67% at our 18 managed stations.
  • Footfall statistics show that 200m people used Network Rail stations in Q1, with around a third (c.63m) passing through retail spaces.

All profits are reinvested in the railway.

Our stations should provide first-class travel facilities which simplify the lives of our passengers and station users — convenient for retail, leisure and business. Our vision is stations of the future — pushing the boundaries of opportunity and delighting our customers and surrounding communities.

- Hamish Kiernan, Commercial Director, Retail